Rusty Moore Reviews - Workout Techniques With Correct Execution

Twists “Frog” - Sitting on the floor, feet touching the ground, lift your legs and pull them to his chest, trying to clasp her knees, without touching them. Then pull the leg forward and arms out to the side.

Exercise “Scissors Piper” - Lying on the floor with your legs together, arms along the body without taking his head and legs, slowly lift one leg up, and then slowly lower it down, alternating legs. At the lowest point keep both feet on the weight.

Raising the knees and hips - Lying on the floor, arms at your sides, palms touch the floor. Connect feet and spread your knees apart. Not pushing hands lift your legs up, lifting the pelvis off the ground as high as possible. Do not defeat the knees while driving.

Direct lift the legs up - Lying on the floor, arms at your sides, palms touching the floor. Straight leg rose up and bent at ninety degrees to the body. Do not start from the floor hands; lift your pelvis as high as possible. Detailed information is given at

Striped twisting - lying on the floor, arms extended straight up without lifting the feet from the ground, lift the body, trying to touch the hands of socks; lower half of the body while lifting the legs, and then try to touch them again.

Lateral twisting lying - Lying on his side, knees bent at an angle of thirty degrees. Lean one hand on the floor for stability, the other hand behind your head. Lift your legs up, and pull them towards your chest. Repeat for other side.


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